Classmate Updates

Scott Cooksey

Scott Cooksey, LT Class 34, returned to Tulsa in August 2016 as the Senior Manager of Sales Enablement for ConsumerAffairs, following a seven-year stint as a leadership development consultant based in Houston, TX. He is excited to be back in Tulsa and doubly-so to be here working for exactly the…

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Lydia [Lilly] Gonzalez-D’Ross

Appointed as the National Hispanic Director for the United States National Prayer Council Appointed as the Oklahoma State Leader| National Governor’s Prayer Task Force Appointed as Commissioner by the Oklahoma Senate President to serve on the Oklahoma Women of Status Commission Founded the b Deborah and Nehemiah Millennial Youth Institute…

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Scott Draughon

Scott, LT Class 9, retired from Tulsa Public Schools on 12/31/2013, as a special needs teacher.  He is currently volunteering with Northeast Active Timers and its “adopt a centenerian” service for the “chronologically gifted”, and documenting family history as a descendant of Nancy Ward of the Cherokee Nation and the…

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Brenda Melancon

Brenda Melancon, LT Class 41, is pleased to announce that she has received her Oklahoma Real Estate License and has joined McGraw Realtors as a Real Estate Specialist.

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Lydia (Lillie) Gonzalez D

The Tulsa Business and Legal News awarded Lydia Gonzalez D’Ross with a 2014 Woman of Distinction Award.  Congressman Jim Bridenstine awarded Lydia with a Congressional Service Award for invaluable services to the community.  Both awards were received on August 29th 2014.

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