Classmate Updates

D. Faith Orlowski

D. Faith Orlowski, LT Class 10, is now with Moyers Martin LLP, a full service law firm at 4th and Boston. The firm also has a Bixby office for those people that do not appreciate the downtown vibe. Faith continues her practice of law , focusing in Oil & Gas,…

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Lydia Gonzalez-D’Ross

Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-D’Ross, Class 34 and North Tulsa Development Class 4, introduces Tulsa Global Ambassador Institute program, sponsored by World Experience of Oklahoma. Dr. D’Ross was selected out of 300 applicants to participate fall 2017 Oklahoma City Global Ambassadorship Institute program. Dr. D’Ross is representing the I Change Nations global…

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Scott Cooksey

Scott Cooksey, LT Class 34, returned to Tulsa in August 2016 as the Senior Manager of Sales Enablement for ConsumerAffairs, following a seven-year stint as a leadership development consultant based in Houston, TX. He is excited to be back in Tulsa and doubly-so to be here working for exactly the…

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Lydia [Lilly] Gonzalez-D’Ross

Appointed as the National Hispanic Director for the United States National Prayer Council Appointed as the Oklahoma State Leader| National Governor’s Prayer Task Force Appointed as Commissioner by the Oklahoma Senate President to serve on the Oklahoma Women of Status Commission Founded the b Deborah and Nehemiah Millennial Youth Institute…

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Scott Draughon

Scott, LT Class 9, retired from Tulsa Public Schools on 12/31/2013, as a special needs teacher.  He is currently volunteering with Northeast Active Timers and its “adopt a centenerian” service for the “chronologically gifted”, and documenting family history as a descendant of Nancy Ward of the Cherokee Nation and the…

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