Conversations with Wendy

Dear Wendy, I just learned that the executive director of our agency is leaving for a new job in 30 days. I’m board president I guess that means I’m in charge! Help, What’s next?

Dear What’s Next – congratulations, you will be there to guide your organization through a crucial time.  Done well, choosing the next Executive Director can help lead your agency into a new period of growth and prosperity.  Done poorly, it can be hugely detrimental or even a disaster.  So what…

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How Much is Too Much?

Dear Wendy, How much is too much?  I have a friend who is on six boards.  Should I be doing more?   Signed, Overachiever Dear Overachiever, There is really no one right answer to that question.  It depends on several factors including: Personal energy – I have a friend who is…

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A day in the life . . . of an Executive Director

I was recently contacted by an individual interested in making the leap from the corporate world to the nonprofit world.  He asked me to describe “a day in the life” of an Executive Director.  I honestly told him that one thing I loved most about the job was that no…

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Who’s in Charge?

    Dear Wendy, Who’s in charge of the agency?  The Executive Director or the board president?   – Battle Brewing Dear Bracing for Battle, The organization ultimately is the responsibility of the board of directors.  They set the mission, approve the programs, are in charge of the strategic plan, and…

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Advice for New Board Members

One of the unique aspects of the Leadership Tulsa program is our partnership with area non profit agencies where we are able to place “non-voting” board interns for a trial period to learn more about the board, board service, and potentially make a permanent match with a future board assignment. …

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