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In 2013, the North Tulsa Development Council underwent a significant transformation and is now referred to as LEAD North! LEAD North is designed to ensure participants are gaining the experience necessary to Lead, Explore And Develop. This change emphasized the initial focus of providing participants with the knowledge, skills and connections necessary to enact leadership within the north Tulsa community. LEAD North simply pushes this target further to:

  • Place a higher priority on skill development
  • Accommodate schedules better for working individuals
  • Provide increased coaching opportunities from community leaders

This program was built under the guidance of CORO New York, an organization that incorporates best practices and is truly one of the finest in this business.

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In LEAD North, everyone has something to gain;

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: kick-start your career by growing your professional network and gaining the knowledge and skills needed to positively affect the community of north Tulsa.

EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS: advance your existing network with like-minded professionals with a solutions-oriented mindset for the community of north Tulsa.

TULSA NATIVES: meet with others who are engaged and informed citizens prepared and committed to build and sustain a strong north Tulsa community.

NEW INHABITANTS: immerse yourself into your new home by learning of the successes and challenges of the north Tulsa community and expand your network exponentially while discussing solutions.


The mission of LEAD North is to cultivate leadership, explore our community systems, and develop the knowledge, skills, and network necessary to contribute to the north Tulsa community.

LEAD North was designed to equip current and future leaders in the north Tulsa area to plan positive action in their community. Upon graduation from the program, participants are prepared to leverage local resources, overcome community disadvantages and improve policy decisions and/or outcomes that maintain the long-term viability of communities.


Most of the sessions will be held in the north Tulsa community so that participants can learn from north Tulsa leaders and visit the community that they are helping to support.

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